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January 21, 2018

Day 5
Start Weight:340.0lbs
Max Weight:340.0lbs
Max weight on 2018-01-17
Total Lost:0.6lbs
Daily Deficit:526kcal
Est. RMR:2968kcal

Four Week Average
Total Lost:0.3lbs
Daily Deficit:38kcal

One Week Average
Total Lost:0.3lbs
Daily Deficit:151kcal

Next Target (10%)
Mass Loss:0.2%
Next Target:315lbs
To Go:24.4lbs
Days To Go:188
Est. Date: 2018-07-29

Goal Weight
Overall Goal:200lbs
To Go:139.4lbs
Days To Go:NAN
Est. Date: 1970-01-01

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May 4th, 2017

Day 124

315.0lbs (-35lbs)

Ten percent!

Everything now 10% off!

Well, it took another month to drop that next 5, but I'm now officially 9/10ths the man I used to be.

It's possible that part of the reason for the slowdown is the incredible amount of stress I'm under. A business partner recently tried to perform what can only be described as a 'hostile takeover' of some online properties that he, I and some others we've worked on together for more than a decade, and the fallout from that has been nearly overwhelming. I know there was a couple times where I went looking to nosh just as something to take my mind off the clusterfuck surrounding our recovery efforts from that.

Add that to the oppressive work schedule at my day job, and it's a recipe for occasional binging, which I've done (although to my credit, not that much). There was a bag of chips Lysa bought that I mercilessly ravaged, for instance... that wasn't received well. 

Still, things are improving on both the work and weight fronts and I'm happy today. Now if I can just find some time to get into the gym and work out...

- Rick         

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March 12th, 2017

Day 71

322.2lbs (-27.8lbs)

Ten Weeks In and Still Rolling

Week 10, still keeping to around 2.8lbs/week. I know it won't last, but I'm not complaining while it's going. Cool I'm back down to the weight I was at the start of 2016!

Lysa's giving another stab at Whole 30. I'm not joining her in the full engagement, but I'll stick to the low-to-zero added sugar thing as that has been very successful so far. Maybe this'll be the way I go 'til I no longer go.

All this improvement won't stick unless I get active though... I'm at an age where loss of muscle mass is a real thing. I'm already feeling it in certain ways. Lifting heavy things will help, I just need to motivate and get it done. Gotta drag myself away from sitting in front of a screen to do it though.

In other news, my mom and my daughter met for the first time yesterday and everything went great. It sounds like they had a lot of fun getting to know each other and generally hanging out. This gets me thinking about if/when we should meet (it's a lot more difficult in my case -- my mom's only on the other side of the Juan de Fuca strait from my daughter, I'm 6154km away by car.) I'm dubious about my ability to show her around or introduce her to anything she might find fun or interesting.

Lysa assures me that she'd come here to see me, not this strange land I currently inhabit, but really I'm not all that interesting. I'd need a backup plan. "You think I'm boring? Look over there! Something shiny!"

Only kinda joking about that.

In any event, that would be down the road. Who knows, maybe I'll keep dropping weight and develop something of a life between now and that point so's when we meet my answer to "So what do you do for fun around here?" isn't "Work."

- Rick         

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March 4th, 2017

Day 63

325.0lbs (-25lbs)
In nine weeks, not bad!

Down 25!

25lbs is okay by me...

Just hit the nine week mark, and woke up today down a full 25 pounds on the nose! This Whole 30 thing is legit, although I'm not following it rigorously any more (I do allow myself some of the things restricted to me from that first 30 days, like cheese and occasionally things with added sugar) but I'm being pretty rigorous about keeping my overall sugar down and largely getting it from natural sources.

I know it can't last at this pace, losing 2.77lbs/week is pretty extreme and is only possible because I'm still pretty enormous (just... 25lbs less enormous than when I started) but it sure is nice seeing it happen!

I've talked more with my recently-reconnected daughter Alison. She really is a remarkable young woman. Creative, ambitious, seems to be exceptionally level-headed despite the drama in her early life, beautiful (she models!)... maybe she can teach me a thing or two about thriving in this crazy world we live in. Tongue out

Do I get the right to feel proud of the accomplishments of a child I had no real influence in raising? Because I do feel some pride, though I also feel like I shouldn't. Proud of my genes maybe? Still have to work some of this stuff out in my head...

- Rick         

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February 2nd, 2017

Day 33

333.8lbs (-16.2lbs)
Not too bad

End of Whole 30. Can't Complain.

Well, the Whole 30 is done and I'm down 16+ pounds, not too shabby considering I was able to eat whatever I wanted (so long as 'whatever I wanted' didn't include anything with added sugar, legumes or grains). I've plateaued a bit over the last week though, so I'm guessing any further progress will have to be made at the expense of tracking my caloric intake.

Whole 30 itself was a bit of a challenge, but after a few weeks relatively easy to settle into the 'new normal'. Lysa rightly points out that it'd be essentially impossible for anyone who didn't know how to cook though, and I agree. It's astonishing how many packaged foods add sugar, sometimes for no discernable reason at all.

Either way, I think I'll keep going with the bulk of it, just add a few foods I can't do without here and there. I've been missing cheese a lot, so that's the first thing being reintroduced. Today, in fact. I think I'll go have some right now. Cool

EDIT: Oh my god, that was glorious. Balderson extra-aged cheddar. Sooo gooood...

- Rick         

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January 26th, 2017

Day 26

335.0lbs (-15lbs)

Results are Results

I'll admit, when Lysa started talking about Whole 30 I was dubious, but here I am not even one month in and I've lost 15 pounds. Now a significant portion of that has to be water weight, but a portion has to be actual fat loss as well.

I'd better start working out again soon, or I'll lose muscle mass and I'll miss that when it's gone.

I know I said in the last update that I'd give my opinions about what's going down in politics lately, but honestly I just can't. I've been saturated by the stuff so long I've reached my "fuck it, don't care, go away" point. If you were looking for biting, insightful punditry I'm afraid this isn't going to be the place to find it this time around. Instead, I'll just leave this video which I think adequately describes my current feelings on the matter.

I think that'll cover it.

- Rick         

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January 1st, 2017

Day 1

350.0lbs (0lbs)

A New Year, A New Weight

Well, here we go again. Another year, a little bit fatter than the year prior, a little more to lose.

Lysa's got me on "Whole 30" this time around which is basically eliminating anything that might cause inflammation or trigger our mutual autoimmune issues. Topping the list of potential inflammation aggravators: sugar. Yes, my old pal sugar has been removed from the menu going forward... or at least non-natural sources. We can still have fruit, which is good at least.

It's been something of a colmination of sugar references actually. Independent of this Whole 30 thing, I had multiple references from various social media, blogs and postcasts I frequent all end up mentioning sugar and how much of a problem it is for human health. One podcast (Joe Rogan's, if you're curious) had four separate successive guests bring up sugar just as part of the conversation, not prompted by Rogan but just as an aside or in conjunction with some other health or therapeutic thing they were doing. It seems the universe wanted to prepare me before I jumped in... so let's see how this goes.

I think my next post will be my thoughts about 2016. Many happenings. Much drama.

If, when life gives you lemons you're supposed to make lemonaide, does that mean if life gives you mascara you're supposed to make masquerade? Laughing

- Rick         

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March 17th, 2016

Day 71

320.3lbs (-1.6lbs)
Not much motion yet.

Things I've Learned about Having Pneumonia

Not much progress on the weight loss front, largely because for the last two friggin' months(!!) I've had pneumonia. Yes, pneumonia. Started getting ill before my birthday and it's still lingering within me. I've had 3 different runs of antibiotics, 2 different types of inhalant puffers, 4 trips to clinics / doctors and it's still lingering on, although I'm finally starting to feel marginally human again. It's really put a kaibosh on my health plans until now. I'm not going to let it stop me ultimately, but I have no other choice but to wait for this to finally leave me be.

In the meantime, here's things I've learned from having pneumonia:

  • Sleeping can be hard when you hear yourself breathe. Getting a good light set of wireless headphones is really handy. Put on some music, sleep without listening to your lungs sound like a rusty hinge on an old barn door.

  • Coughing hurts. You'd think that coughing helps, but not so much. Initially it hurts your throat. Then your lungs. Then your abs. Oh god, the abs. Then your back and shoulders, because you compensate for the abs. You can literally break ribs from coughing so much.

  • As a carry on from the coughing... pneumonia means you're going to have a headache. Constantly. The coughing leads to pain which leads to muscle tension all in the shoulders and uneven shear between your skin and the musculature under your upper back and neck. End result: headache. Always. Drugs help.

  • Even when you feel like you're getting well oxygenated, the moment you try to do anything vigorous you find out how little you're taking in. TL/DR - sex + pneumonia = crappy abortive attempt at getting busy followed immediately by gasping, coughing up a lung and cursing your hormones for still making demands while you're desperately ill.

  • Steroids, when inhaled, taste the way a swamp smells when you cough them back up.

In the end, pneumonia sucks. 0/10, would not recommend.

How have you been?

- Rick         

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