Chronicles of a Former Fat Man™
March 27, 2020
Day 301

Start Weight:360.0lbs
Max Weight:360.0lbs
Max weight on 2019-06-01
Total Lost:7.2lbs
Daily Deficit:84kcal
Est. RMR:3028kcal

Four Week Average
Total Lost:7.2lbs
Daily Deficit:900kcal

One Week Average
Total Lost:7.2lbs
Daily Deficit:3600kcal

Next Target (10%)
Mass Loss:2.0%
Next Target:324lbs
To Go:28.8lbs
Days To Go:NAN
Est. Date: 1970-01-01

Goal Weight
Overall Goal:240lbs
To Go:112.8lbs
Days To Go:NAN
Est. Date: 1970-01-01

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March 27th, 2020

Day 301

352.8lbs (-7.2lbs)

Fridays Are Supposed To Be Fun

Bunch of people got furloghed today. MacBeth seemed apropos:

I go, and it is done; the bell invites me.
Hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell
That summons thee to heaven or to hell.

Hope the world regains sanity before these people run out of money to pay rent and buy food.

Symptoms today:

- More harrumpy, nothing terrible, but persistent

- Odd smell, like something earthy

- Little tired, but only got 5 hours sleep so maybe unrelated

- Headache, but yesterday was a very sad day re: chino memories, so could be related to that. Also fell asleep in bathtub and cricked my neck like a mofo, could be that too.

- Light cough, not persistent

- "Minty" sensation in my sinuses

- Head feels stuffed up, although my nose seems to work more or less fine

At this point, feels mostly like a head cold. Probably exactly what it is, but we'll see. Lysa got her Wu Flu test today so we'll know soon if it's going to be a concern.

Edit @ 10:16PM - Just got a pimple in the corner of my nose. That's a sure sign of a cold (or something). 

- Rick         

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March 27th, 2020

Day 301

352.8lbs (-7.2lbs)

2020 Has Been A Helluva Year

I'll probably restart again at some point. Just doing an update here.

Chino died on January 27th, 2020. He was brave, and sweet, and trying his very best to dog the way he always dogged and be friendly and comforting to everyone around him who always seemed so distressed, but it was time.  At the end he was suffering and losing his ability to do the things he clearly wanted to do.

The vet came to our place so he could die at home, cuddled up to Lysa and I, and move on with a note of happiness and excitement that someone had come to visit and he was being loved as much as was possible for us to do through a storm of tears.

I miss him more than words can say. Rest well, sweet little man. I'll find you on the rainbow bridge.

... Then Wuhan came, and the world held its breath.

As of today, I'm going to start tracking my symptoms. After calling 8-1-1, Lysa has been informed that we're going to be tested for COVID-19 "Wuhan" Corona virus.

Maybe it's nothing but a normal cold or run-of-the-mill influenza. My symptoms have been completely mild so far, but I'll track them for completeness in the possibility that it may be worse.

Over the last few days I've experienced the following:

- Slight sore throat
- Occasional fatigue (not been sleeping well)
- Serious eye irritation, almost like I'd been exposed to caustics (maybe related to increased use of lysol wipes?)
- Sometimes slightly harrumphy, productive
- Occasional dry coughing, non-productive

- No acne or odd body odor, which almost always come when I get ill
- No edemas, which almost always come when I get ill

So... maybe nothing, but then maybe not. Guess we'll find out.

Either way, I still miss my lil man, so maybe my last days are filled with sorrow and loss before my lungs explode (hopefully not). Rest easy buddy. We miss you.

Fuck cancer and fuck corona.

- Rick         

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July 31st, 2019

Day 61

352.3lbs (-7.7lbs)
Step by step, inch by inch


Well, he's got lymphoma. Fairly well advanced. Coming up to the first round of chemo a week from today, and we'll find out whether or not it's helping.

On the downside, it's making him pretty sluggy. He was already our little "lump", but he's been even more lumpy than usual. Also seems to have some temperature regulation issues. Sploots on the floor a lot to enjoy the cooling convection.

We've had some hard conversations, Lysa and I, about under what circumstances we should let things go or when it's time to make the call for his final visit with the vet. Probably more hard conversations to come, although we remain ever-hopeful that the blood results from next week's visit will be all positive and that he's responding well.

I've dropped a couple pounds too, which is good I guess.

- Rick         

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June 1st, 2019

Day 1

360.0lbs (0lbs)


Restarting. Again. Bigger than ever.

At least I don't have to worry too much about getting into shape... I'm 360. That means I'm round. Round's a shape, amirite? Smile

Ha ha ha... ha ha... haaaaaaa.

All joking aside, I need to do a lot of work. A LOT of weight loss ahead of me. I'm legit 50% heavier than I should be and probably then some... 240lbs is still a bit on the heavy side for me, but at this point I think it's a lost cause presuming I could get to a fighting weight of 200lbs ever again without dedicating my entire life to that goal.

So I'm starting again with the basic steps -- cutting out the potato chips, my eternal albatross... that's around 1325kcal/day to 0. Reducing on the way to eliminating starbucks, my daily crack fix (I'm down from a venti a day to a grande every other day, I'll get rid of it all eventually)... that's 440kcal/day down to 330kcal every 2 days = 165kcal/day. Between the two of them that's around 1500kcal/day, so pruning just those things alone will show benefits. Let's see how that does initially, and then I'll get back to sperging out over calorie counting when things start to stall and I've already gotten used to feeling peckish-to-hungry all day.

I'm not looking forward to getting back on the trainer though. That's going to hurt a lot. Punishment for two years of slacking off after George was evicted.

Once more unto the breach...

- Rick         

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May 4th, 2017

Day 124

315.0lbs (-35lbs)

Ten percent!

Everything now 10% off!

Well, it took another month to drop that next 5, but I'm now officially 9/10ths the man I used to be.

It's possible that part of the reason for the slowdown is the incredible amount of stress I'm under. A business partner recently tried to perform what can only be described as a 'hostile takeover' of some online properties that he, I and some others we've worked on together for more than a decade, and the fallout from that has been nearly overwhelming. I know there was a couple times where I went looking to nosh just as something to take my mind off the clusterfuck surrounding our recovery efforts from that.

Add that to the oppressive work schedule at my day job, and it's a recipe for occasional binging, which I've done (although to my credit, not that much). There was a bag of chips Lysa bought that I mercilessly ravaged, for instance... that wasn't received well. 

Still, things are improving on both the work and weight fronts and I'm happy today. Now if I can just find some time to get into the gym and work out...

- Rick         

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March 12th, 2017

Day 71

322.2lbs (-27.8lbs)

Ten Weeks In and Still Rolling

Week 10, still keeping to around 2.8lbs/week. I know it won't last, but I'm not complaining while it's going. Cool I'm back down to the weight I was at the start of 2016!

Lysa's giving another stab at Whole 30. I'm not joining her in the full engagement, but I'll stick to the low-to-zero added sugar thing as that has been very successful so far. Maybe this'll be the way I go 'til I no longer go.

All this improvement won't stick unless I get active though... I'm at an age where loss of muscle mass is a real thing. I'm already feeling it in certain ways. Lifting heavy things will help, I just need to motivate and get it done. Gotta drag myself away from sitting in front of a screen to do it though.

In other news, my mom and my daughter met for the first time yesterday and everything went great. It sounds like they had a lot of fun getting to know each other and generally hanging out. This gets me thinking about if/when we should meet (it's a lot more difficult in my case -- my mom's only on the other side of the Juan de Fuca strait from my daughter, I'm 6154km away by car.) I'm dubious about my ability to show her around or introduce her to anything she might find fun or interesting.

Lysa assures me that she'd come here to see me, not this strange land I currently inhabit, but really I'm not all that interesting. I'd need a backup plan. "You think I'm boring? Look over there! Something shiny!"

Only kinda joking about that.

In any event, that would be down the road. Who knows, maybe I'll keep dropping weight and develop something of a life between now and that point so's when we meet my answer to "So what do you do for fun around here?" isn't "Work."

- Rick         

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March 4th, 2017

Day 63

325.0lbs (-25lbs)
In nine weeks, not bad!

Down 25!

25lbs is okay by me...

Just hit the nine week mark, and woke up today down a full 25 pounds on the nose! This Whole 30 thing is legit, although I'm not following it rigorously any more (I do allow myself some of the things restricted to me from that first 30 days, like cheese and occasionally things with added sugar) but I'm being pretty rigorous about keeping my overall sugar down and largely getting it from natural sources.

I know it can't last at this pace, losing 2.77lbs/week is pretty extreme and is only possible because I'm still pretty enormous (just... 25lbs less enormous than when I started) but it sure is nice seeing it happen!

I've talked more with my recently-reconnected daughter Alison. She really is a remarkable young woman. Creative, ambitious, seems to be exceptionally level-headed despite the drama in her early life, beautiful (she models!)... maybe she can teach me a thing or two about thriving in this crazy world we live in. Tongue out

Do I get the right to feel proud of the accomplishments of a child I had no real influence in raising? Because I do feel some pride, though I also feel like I shouldn't. Proud of my genes maybe? Still have to work some of this stuff out in my head...

- Rick         

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